BCS:  Brescia Critical Society

The Brescia Critical Society was formed 1997 by enlightend and concerned students of Brescia College, in Owensboro Kentucky.  The motivation was to counter the student newspaper sponsored by the Student Government Association, which had become a nice sounding club to put on one's resume, totally devoid of any real creativity, talent, or zest for news.  Since that time, Brescia College became Brescia University, so we have expanded our coverage into the sleepy community of Owensboro, the fine Commonwealth of Kentucky, our great nation the United States of America, and the humble rock of a planet Earth. 

We are still building this website, so please return soon and check on us.  There are several exciting projects planned, e.g. the return of the Outcast, a new Brescia Alumni newsletter, and a foil to the Owensboro Chamber of Commerce.  Stay tuned.

Projects Underway

Alan Smithee, President
David Agnew, Vice President
Walter Plinge, Secretary
George Spelvin, Treasurer
June 19, 2007

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